What are some things that make Indians sad?

Answer by Shikhar Mangla:

1: When we don’t care enough to throw rubbish in a bin but we are the first to call India dirty!

2: When Dhoom 3 remains Housefull for ages but a movie like Udaan is still unseen by millions of Indians.

3: When Yo Yo Honey Singh is more popular than Rabbi.

4: When politicians spend more on building statues than building the nation.

5: Seeing Team India’s batting flounder and wishing that Sachin was there to rescue us.

6: When these guys are called "Youth Icons."

7: When religious affiliation of a person matters more than the kind of human being he is.

8: When Indians donate lakhs to religious institutions but ignore the needy and the NGOs who represent them.

9: When this is what qualifies as the movie of the year at award shows like Filmfare and IIFA!

10: When this is the most watched show on Indian Television.

11: When we have to take to the streets every time we demand justice!

12: When our judicial system refuses to remove archaic laws like Section 377.

13: Any athlete other than a cricketer is worth shit in our country.

14: When the website of the World’s biggest railways looks like this.

15: India making it into lists that we’re not proud of.

16: People treating our streets like urinals and latrines.

17:  When for parents, grades matter more than knowledge.

18: While TV shows abroad are breaking boundaries, all our shows look the same.

19: The great Indian reservation system.

20: When someone gets arrested for writing on Facebook and Twitter.

21: When these guys are called celebs.

22: When the Government has money for gala events but comes up empty when it comes to the needy.

23: The exchange rate…

24: We’re not open to constructive criticism about our country. Even if India is wrong, India is right.

25: When Indian youth don’t know who the President is but know who the winner of Roadies is.


26: And finally, when our best minds who are capable enough of fixing India choose money over the nation.

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